Alexis Avlamis
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Cosmic Unity
The "Cosmic Unity" series stemmed from an intrinsic need to unite the complexities of the world and the intricate forces that shape it. The interrelation of outer space, technology, architecture, positive or negative hand drawn silhouettes, aerial views; geometry, flora and fauna, patterns, repetition, symbols, numbers and texts, they all feed my process.

The common denominator in all works is the black background and various vector silhouettes found on the web or hand drawn. The use of black originated from an admiration for Kandinsky’s early works painted on a dark canvas, as well as from an urge to create a sense of drama, helping bright colors to stand out as seen in folk art. Another trigger was looking down into luminous cityscapes from a higher level, for instance a mountain peak. In my practice, the presence of black carries a significant message: it is evocative of the cosmos as well as the darkness at the end of life. Going against it, hope rises from within the canvas, as bright light, as an instant flash, reminiscent of a fabricated universe in constant motion and change: map-like mindscapes, where the viewers can project their own free associations of ideas and explore the puzzling pieces of the whole.