Alexis Avlamis


My art practice follows in the footsteps of the Surrealists Automatism. Through improvisation, intuition and by tapping into a stream of consciousness, I organically construct “landscapes of the mind” aiming at a cosmic unity, where existing and fabricated visuals co-exist. I explore the concept through the rendering of artworks that delve into the notion of a dreamscape in a topographic manner, leading to the creation of cosmographic maps. These enigmatic mindscapes merge the outer space, science fiction, various vector silhouettes, technology, flora and fauna, mythology, the east and the west, the nature and the artifice through a whimsical urge for exploration and adventure. In addition, hiking and reading mountain maps has substantially informed my work. Drawing trails, dotted lines, zigzags, contours, beams and rays are recurring elements and serve as connecting bridges in my compositions.

Part of my upbringing took place in the countryside, at the Greek island of Cephalonia, which played a vital role in molding my creativity by experiencing up close nature and its biodiversity. As a kid, mountain ranges and natural phenomena seemed to be intimidating, evoking fears and wonderment. I learned to pay attention, observe sounds, smells, vision, textures, patterns and light casting shadows on the terrain. All this multi-sensory information was and still is invaluable to me. It charges my drive for exploration and allows me to absorb the surrounding environment. I realized that seeing and visualizing brings personal awareness into play and demands active engagement. Going on a hike my visual perception of nature mingles with my imagination. Through these playful juxtapositions, I build and compose different groups of imagery, which in turn enrich my practice.

My drive is to create symbiotic relationships between the various elements that appear on the surface and impart a state of a Jungian wholeness: A state in which a stream of consciousness and the subconscious mind, work together: when all of the elements of a piece combine to make a balanced and complete whole. The visual result is suggestive: a cluster of various microcosms, inviting the viewers to project their own free associations of ideas and experiences, while welcoming them to explore and elaborate on the puzzling pieces of the whole.