Alexis Avlamis
Howling into the voidThe LonerDragon fireRemembering Gulliver's travelsWeaving the UniverseDreaming of a queenListening to the BeatlesFlying aroundFallingCirculationSpinning the dreamNostalgiaThe Alpha wolfQuietly, I will endureAn offeringFreedomThe competitionMaking musicDissolvingStand-aloneBeauty is a horseThe sound of laughterOut of the boxThe radio beaconRebirthRecalling memoriesMadnessMelancholyGrowth and progressThe perfect gentlemanSunshine on a cloudy dayFlowing thoughtsThe first danceThe Universal womanThe leading womanA man's worldTrying to reach youThrough a wolf's eyesThe ignitionThe art of listeningRipplesDaydreamingPlaying in the forestLosing track of timeScatteredFacing each otherCelebrating life Blowing in the windA windy day Before the sun goes downThe Big BrotherUnleash creativityThe winnerFreedomAn unquiet mindThe LaunchTake me to infinityNight soundsA foggy dayEnergizedComing togetherThe dream ringMind travellerGreen with envySelf-portraitThe cracked eggAlmost thereA rising rhombusThe ringSending a signalSeeing light blue
Constant change lies at the heart of the universe; individual components can form a unified ‘whole’, whereas a complete entity can dissolve into its constituents. The conflict between the state of love (Philia) friendship or unity and strife, in other words, hatred and separation is the causal force that makes up the beings of the world, on the basis of the four roots (classical elements):fire, air, water, earth.