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old and new, succession, order of things, wax, encaustic, train, shoes, victorian
Encaustic on plywood
60 x 60 cm

This painting juxtaposes two eras. The train from the 2nd Industrial Revolution threatens to eliminate a pair of 18th century Belgian handmade women's shoes. Although the machine brings a significant progression to the economic and social life, it also causes pollution to the environment. The steam brings to mind a nuclear mushroom causing complete destruction. The iridescent background is reminiscent of an oil spill polluting the surface of the sea. Like the other works of the series, I revert to the past. Here, I delve into the second half of the 19th century, while gazing towards the future. It is said that in the next 20 years world population will collapse. This painting is like a warning, a prophecy if you will.