Alexis Avlamis
Mao is watchingIn my dreams I hideIt gives light to othersDream catcher a little deviceThe days were filled with sounds and sights.Heading beyond the skyAnd shine on in an eternal cycleIf I shout, will anyone hear? Floating aroundL'invitoBut, no one else exists in spaceSending this message back in timeA start of a new lifeOn an unmapped roadWe live in secret citiesWaiting for a biteFeeling somewhat restlessThe cylindersOn a planet too old to care forFinding safety withinShape all around usOn a platformWalls and fences Solid as a rockThe last chanceSpaceship looking for a viable planetIt came with the threat of a full moonFireball approachingEchoes of the spheresPeeking into new possibilitiesMultiplication of the disks IMultiplication of the disks II
ConfrontationManna from heaven
In search of a Utopia
For thousands of years human beings have dreamt of perfect worlds, worlds free of conflict, hunger and unhappiness. In 1516 Sir Thomas More wrote the first 'Utopia'. He devised the word 'utopia' from the Greek ou-topos meaning 'no place' or 'nowhere'. The proposed series “In search of a new Utopia” sets out to explore the transformative possibilities of visionary cities floating in the outer space. A visual study of impossible or speculative structures, man-made space machines that exist only on paper. They appear to be autonomous planets, self-regulated suspended islands, but lifeless, as if they have been abandoned in the past and wait for new settlers to arrive.